Energy-Saving Lights Shine at the Willard Hotel

The Willard Intercontinental isn’tWillard Hotel just an iconic Washington landmark, it’s also one of the most eco-friendly hotels in the city. Now, in addition to leading the way in green meetings, being the first hotel in the city to be 100% windpowered, and engaging in a variety of award-winning sustainability practices, the Willard Complex is going green for the holidays.

The Willard Complex, which includes the Willard InterContinental Hotel, the Occidental Restaurant, Cafe du Parc, the Willard Office building, and an elegant courtyard, has decked its outdoor trees within the complex and on Pennsylvania Avenue with 20,000 LED  lights. The decorative LEDs used to outfit the trees will twinkle along Pennsylvania Avenue from 14th to 15th Streets and on the courtyard trees and wreaths.

The Willard’s use of the LED lights instead of conventional lighting has given the complex management a special opportunity to conserve energy and reduce waste during the holiday season.  Using LEDs reduces energy consumption by 80%, the bulbs have a long life span and emit a cooler light than traditional holiday lights, and they are generally more safe and cost effective.

Top 10 Green Hotels in DC

The fine folks over at have compiled a list of DC’s top green hotels based on a “Green Score” that uses criteria such as recycling, organic food offerings, water conservation, use of Energy Star appliances, non-toxic cleaning products, and more. Props to Kimpton for dominating the list:

1. The Hotel George – A Kimpton Hotel
Green Score: 19
Priced From: $168.75

2. Jurys Washington Hotel
Green Score: 18
Priced From: $235.00

3. Hotel Helix – A Kimpton Hotel
Green Score: 17
Priced From: $128.75

4. Hotel Madera – A Kimpton Hotel
Green Score: 17
Priced From: $98.75

5. Hotel Monaco DC – A Kimpton Hotel
Green Score: 17
Priced From: $168.75

6. Hotel Rouge – A Kimpton Hotel
Green Score: 17
Priced From: $138.75

7. The Fairmont Washington DC
Green Score: 17
Priced From: $189.00

8. Topaz Hotel – A Kimpton Hotel
Green Score: 17
Priced From: $128.75

9. Phoenix Park Hotel DC Capitol Hill
Green Score: 14
Priced From: $128.66

10. Hotel Palomar Washington DC – A Kimpton Hotel
Green Score: 13
Priced From: $158.75


Marriott Embraces Greener Practices

Bethesda-based hospitality giant Marriott International has just pledged $2 million to protect the Brazilian rain forest and promises that by the end of the year its guests will be able to offset greenhouse gas emissions from their hotel stays. According to the company’s press release, “Marriott is taking new steps to reduce the company’s water, waste and energy consumption; green its supply chain; build greener hotels; and engage employees and guests to take action.”

The company’s five-point strategy to reduce and offset its global environmental footprint, which it has calculated at 2.9 million metric tons of CO2 emissions annually includes carbon offsets, green buildings, recycling programs, and more.