Meet Green at the Willard

Now you can be fancy, productive…and green. The Willard Green Meeting is an eco-conscious meeting space that offers sustainable food, beverages, supplies, amenities, team-building eco-opportunities, and vision breaks (nature-focused breaks–themes currently include the Eco Break, DC Experience, and Mount Vernon).

“As many organizations undertake numerous corporate social responsibility efforts, The Willard Green Meeting serves to reflect our clients’s objectives by helping to neutralize environmental footprints and enhance eco-consciousness,” said Hervé Houdré, General Manager.

The International Hotel & Restaurant Association recently awarded the Willard InterContinental with its Environmental Award for Hospitality Sustainability. Some of the hotels achievements include 100% wind energy to power hotel, 10% reduction in electricity consumption due to the use of compact fluorescent lights, conversion to green cleaning products, elimination of oil-based paints, 123 tons of recycled waste, 17 tons of composted organic waste and 100,000 gallons of water savings, among others. Here’s more on how to green your meetings.

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