So Others May Eat (SOME) Builds Greener

SOME helps the poor and homeless of DC with food, clothing, and healthcare. And since 2005, when SOME opened Independence Place, a permanent affordable housing program for families, they have been committed to basic green building standards. Here’s how SOME is building greener:

  • Increasing energy efficiency by choosing optimal insulation and quality windows, Energy Star appliances and light fixtures, compact fluorescent light bulbs, and daylight sensors.
  • Reducing water consumption with low-flow fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms.

When possible, SOME includes custom green building features in a project. For instance, at their Chesapeake Street and 50th Street properties, they are installing green roofs that will help manage storm water and reduce the “heat island effect.” At South Capitol Street, they will have a solar hot water heating system, and at Zagami House, they use point-of-use tankless hot water heaters.


If You Build It Green….

This is an article I wrote for The Washington Post back in August 2006 that looks at public green buildings around the area. The good news is that many more have been built in just the year since I wrote the article including the Sidwell Friends middle school, which was completed in September 2006. Know more? Email me at sachacohen [at] comcast dot net.