Get Balm-y

This weekend, I treated myself to a little spa excursion at Derma Hair Care Medispa. Now, you already know I’m a big fan of the spa and owner Honi Borden, who truly walks the walk when it comes to holistic treatments that are environmentally sound as well as pampering.

This time around, I also got to meet esthetician Sara Damelio, who performed my amazing facial and part of my Detox Heaven treatment. Sara has created a line of skin care products, including Combat-Ready Balm and Combat-Ready Lip Balm, and she was kind enough to let me try samples of both. The lip-balm smells yummy and doesn’t have petroleum like many others on the market. The skin balm is a creamy, delicious mixture of bees wax, black tea, shea butter, and other natural and organic ingredients.

Sara mixes all her products by hand and they’re already flying off the shelves at shops up and down the east coast. She also donates her product to soldiers in Iraq, who have found the balm helps soothe and heal bug bites, sunburn, and other skin irritation.