Deals for Deeds: Q&A with Harrison Miller and Josh Hoffman

Get discounts on cool local products and services and give back at the same time. That’s the premise behind Deals for Deeds–a sort of Groupon for the socially conscious set.

Their latest initiative is Plant a Tree DC. For every 250 people that sign up for Deals for Deeds, they plant a tree in DC.

We sat down with founders Harrison Miller and Josh Hoffman to talk about the Deals for Deeds concept, the local angle, and what they’re doing to be green.

Why did you start Deals for Deeds?

Around the time that we graduated from Wharton, Josh and I saw social media popping up in so many different ways–Twitter was really booming. And the group-buying concept also started to become quite popular and would again find its way into so many of our conversations.

Deals For Deeds grew out of a small thought of how we can use some of this power to make a difference, fused with our love of DC and our feeling that there is so much to explore in this city, even if you’ve lived here your whole life!  For us, the company isn’t just about being environmentally conscious, or socially conscious, or being a part of the community, or promoting local businesses, or helping local charitable organizations, its about ALL those things, working together!

Have you featured any environmentally friendly businesses?

Yes, we’ve featured Freshii, Herban Lifestyle, Arganica Farm Club, and others.

What types of charities/non-profits benefit from Deals for Deeds? Any environmental/green ones?

We’re pretty open about the types of charities we feature.  Our main criteria at this point is that they use the money we donate locally in some fashion.  So, if the organization isn’t purely local, we want to ensure it’s going to the local chapter or for use on a local project.

How are you green in your day-to-day lives?

As individuals, we do the basics — recycling, carpooling, walking, etc. — whenever possible.  As a company, we’re committed to being sustainable as well.  Our office uses 100% wind power via Clean Currents, we print our advertising material on 100% recycled paper w/vegetable based inks, and our t-shirts are made from 69% recycled material.

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