Out with the Old: Recycle Your Old Electronics

Guest post written by Carrie Madren.

It’s a New Year — and time to get rid of unused clutter. That enormous computer monitor taking up precious closet space and that broken printer stashed in your basement can find new — green — life as recycled materials. E-cycling not only reclaims resources for new or refurbished electronics, such reuse keeps electronics out of landfills.

Since many community recycling centers only open their doors to electronics a few times a year, Whole Foods stores in the D.C. area are making it easy for customers to e-cycle this weekend.

On Saturday, January 9 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., drop off your old electronics before you shop for your organic groceries. Accepted items include laptops, modems, phones, faxes, printers, wires/cables, CD ROMs, floppy drives, keyboards, mice, circuit boards, CRT monitors, mainframe computer systems and much more. Televisions are not accepted. Esquire Environmental will scrub and destroy memory on all hard drives.

Participating Whole Foods include Bethesda, MD; (Kentlands) Gaithersburg, MD; (Tenleytown) DC; (Georgetown) DC; Reston, VA; Falls Church, VA; and Fair Lakes, VA.

Additional Resources:

eCycling (EPA)

Washington Post article by Rob Pegoraro

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