3 Eco-Friendly Gift-Wrapping Ideas

Guest post by Carrie Madren.

Now that you’ve shopped for sustainable gifts, make sure to wrap them in an eco-friendly fashion. Forego flimsy one-time-use wrapping paper, and instead opt for holiday wrapping that’s as sustainable as it is beautiful.

1. Pack it Green
In your gift exchanges this year, keep the good, thick tissue paper for future use. Simply smooth it out on a couch cushion or carpet, and fold it neatly and store for another time. Shreds from your home office paper shredder can be used for fragile items packed up for friends and family.

2. Wrap it Green
Old maps, brown paper, cloth, and foreign newspapers make wonderful outer wrappings.

Consider making a gift box that can be reused. Wrap a sturdy box and its lid separately in traditional wrapping paper. Then fold the edges into the box’s interior and use a glue stick to secure the paper’s edges. The recipient can reuse the box in his or her own gift giving.

Gift bags in good condition can be reused multiple times. Store them flat until next year, and add your own tag and tissue paper when needed.

3. Trim it Green
In place of garish plastic bows and curling ribbon, use twine (which can be composted or cut up for birds’ nests in the spring) or real ribbon (can be ironed and reused). Slip a sprig of juniper or holly in the wrapping, or tie on a small ornament to make a package festive — and green.

Check out more green holiday tips from our friends over at Green Living Consulting.

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