Farm to Face

herb garden at The StilpointFresh yogurt from Blue Ridge Dairy, organic strawberries from D&S Farm, local honey. Sounds like a delicious breakfast, but those are actually ingredients that esthetician and organic beauty specialist Sara Damelio uses in her customized facials at The Still Point day spa in Takoma Park.

The seasonal treatments are made in-house with organic ingredients from local farms sold at the Takoma Park Farmer’s Market and other farmers markets in the area. The Stillpoint also harvests a few ingredients from its own miniature herb and flower garden.

“The skin is the largest organ and immediately absorbs products that are put on it into the body.  It [the skin] is alive and responds best when fed active vitamins and nutrients from fresh organic whole foods,” says Damelio.

Damelio is currently offering a honey and heirloom basil treatment mask made with unprocessed honey from Patterson Farms in Sabinsville, PA.

lemonandhoney“Unprocessed honey is extremely nourishing for the skin especially during the winter months – it is wonderfully purifying, toning and hydrating and the effects of the treatment are long lasting,” according to Damelio.

Experience your very own farm to face treatment at the Stillpoint. Going Green DC readers get 15% off a facial with Sara if you mention the blog when you book your appointment.

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