The Week in Green

Not everyone is on the Vineyard or in the Hamptons. For us poor basterds left to sweat it out in our soupy city, here are a few things to do this week.

Tuesday, July 28

“Going Green for Jewelry” Fashion Show

Where: Poste Brasserie (555 8th St., NW), 6-10

Looking for a new bauble that says you’re all about Mother Earth? Then Evelyn Brooks Designs might be right up your alley. Brooks recycles materials, eliminates emissions from the production process, and works with natural seeds from the Amazon. The fashion show, which takes place on 123rd Independence Day for Peru, is inspired by “Tapadas Limenas,” women from the Peruvian Virreynal Era (1560-186) who covered their faces and heads with Spanish-style veils,

Wednesday, July 29

Lotions & Potions Workshop

Where: Greater Goods (1626 U St., NW), 8-9 pm, $12 (50% goes to the Susan G. Komen Foundation)

Get your organic DIY on. For the Love of owner Kristina Libby will teach you how to make your own signature scent body scrub and bath salt.

Thursday, July 30

Birthright Earth Happy Hour

Where: Garretts (3003 M St., NW), 9-close (happy hour prices from 9-10).

This non-profit funds “eye-opening” trips to the rainforests of South America. Unfortunately for us, you need to be 18-26 to participate in the trips but anyone of any age can attend the happy hour and contribute to the cause. Recommended donation at the door is $10.

Saturday, August 1

GO Urban Adventure Race

Where: All over town, 12 p.m-5 p.m.

Think the Amazing Race on a Lilliputian scale. This scavenger hunt is “loaded with physical and mental challenges,” starts at noon, and can last up to five hours (God help you). All clues and responses will be through SMS messaging, so Luddites will need to sit this one out. You can run, jog, walk, or take public transportation to reach your GOpoints but no bikes, taxis, or rollerblades.

The race centers around businesses and organizations that provide healthy and sustainable options, and that follow sustainable business models. The winning team will get $400 in cash plus a month’s worth of tea from Honest Tea. We’ll drink to that.

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