Creative and Conscious Catering

Appetizer from Main Event CateringCanapes and hors d’oeuvres can now be had without the guilt. Well, sort of. Main Event will cater your wedding, Bar Mitzvah and more while having the rather lofty goal of a zero waste kitchen.

“The reality that our industry consumes an incredible amount of energy and creates an amazing amount of waste has forced us to investigate ways to mitigate the effect on our world,” says owner Nancy Goodman. “Our team searches for new and innovative ways to move toward our goal of zero waste every day.  We are proud to be able to offer to our clients green events while still providing a first class experience.”  

 The kitchen at Main Event is carbon neutral, 100% wind powered, and uses alternative disposables from recycled materials (Corn, Palm, Balsa and Bagasse). Main Event’s owners estimate that they have reduced landfill waste by 70% since the beginning of 2008. 

Main Event also recycles everything possible, including their food wastes through composting, which they give out for free, first-come, first-serve “Black Gold” fertilizer for the garden. They also give away their used cooking oil  — which can then be converted to bio-Diesel fuel.

Clients can use the carbon calculator on their web site to calculate their carbon footprint (including travel of guests) so they can purchase the appropriate offsets. Now that’s something to celebrate!

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