Local Fresh Food Delivered

Tired of takeout? Too busy to cook? Now, there’s a local food delivery service that will help you be more sustainable and eat well, too. Your Urban Kitchen does all the prep work and cooking and delivers on an as-needed basis with a three-meal minimum.

The brainchild of Nashwa Beach, a Brightwood resident, Your Urban Kitchen just launched last week and is currently available throughout northwest DC. Beach’s inspiration? Helping others to get their busy lives in order without having to compromise on flavor and nutrition.

Sample menu items for January include Indonesian Ginger Chicken, Creamy Chicken Basil Pesto or Pan Seared Tilapia with Chile Lime Butter. The food comes prepared and vacuumed sealed so you determine if you put in the freezer or fridge. All you do is heat it up.

Each meal is enough for six servings (4-6 adults) and split portions are available to serve 2-3 adults. Meals are delivered Saturday afternoon and Monday afternoon/evening to customers throughout northwest; the company is planning to expand its delivery area later this year

Now that’s the kind of fast-food dining we can get behind!

One thought on “Local Fresh Food Delivered

  1. Do you know what kind of vehicles do they use to deliver the food: hybrid, flexfuel, traditional, bicycles?

    BullMooser08 for

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