Green Jobs for the New Year

Looking for a new gig? According to an article from the Washington Business Journal, DC is likely to add about 24,000 new green jobs in the coming year. The growth is due, in part, to the District’s Green Building Act of 2006, which requires much of the city’s new public and private-sector construction to adhere to green building standards.

Many of the jobs will result from greening existing jobs such as carpenters, construction laborers and managers, operating engineers, plumbers, roofers, electricians, cement masons and painters.

The article points to a report from the Louis Berger Group, which recommends the city focus on recruiting greener players within existing sectors, and launch green business certification and purchasing programs that require vendors and suppliers to use green practices.

Here are a couple of resources where you can look for environmental and green-focused jobs:

Sustainable Business

Treehugger Jobs

Plus, mark your calendar for the Green Jobs Conference in February.

Happy Hunting!

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