Emerald Lagasse

No, folk, that’s not a typo. The man who brought you “BAM” and “Kick it up a notch” is now hosting his very own eco-friendly cooking series, Emeril Green. The E-team contacted me to see if I’d tell you, dear readers, about casting sessions they are holding in DC on Thursday October 2nd and Thursday October 9th.

“The kind of person we are looking for isn’t someone who doesn’t know how to cook at all, but rather someone who is somewhat familiar in the kitchen but has trouble with one specific thing,” wrote Jessica, the casting scout. “Maybe they go to the farmers market and see some vegetables they’re unfamiliar with, but would really like to learn how to use them in a dish or maybe they want to learn some cooking techniques that cut down on harming the environment.”

So, for those of you who’ve ever wondered what to do with that bumper crop of organic oregano or how to ween yourself off take-out, now is your chance. Interested parties should send an email to emerilgreencasting@gmail.com. Tell ’em Sacha sent ya.

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