You Had Me at “Free Energy Audit”

Does the sight of a Pepco bill fill you with dread? Yeah, me too. With skyrocketing gas and oil prices, what used to be a minor expense has turned into a full-on investment. And while apartment owners are out of luck, those of you who own single family homes can now get a free energy audit courtesy of the DC Department of the Environment. The DDOE Home Energy Rating System program pinpoints your home’s energy deficiencies and provides you with cost-effective, energy improvement recommendations.

First, a RESNET-certified auditor will come to your home and check out existing energy conditions including walls, floors, ceilings, windows, doors, hot water heating, heating and cooling mechanical systems and other related aspects. Once the home audit is complete, you will get a detailed HERS improvement analysis report with recommendations that range from no-cost behavioral changes (turning off lights, conserving water) to major improvements (a new HVAC system, insulation) to reduce energy loss in your home.

To schedule your free audit, email

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