A Real Beauty

There are plenty of salons and day spas that have “natural” treatments, but it’s rare to find one that not only offers a plethora of organic treatments and products, but that also is organic throughout, from the towels to the walls. Honi Borden, owner of DermaHairCare, a medi spa in Falls Church, VA, has clearly put a tremendous amount of thought and love into her business and it shows.

Honi has carefully edited the product lines available at the salon to only include those that are organic and as earth-friendly as possible such as Suki, Aubrey Organics, and Perfect Organics. In keeping with a holistic green philosophy, she has implemented a number of green initiatives into her salon such as purchasing renewable energy and using recycled and biodegradable material whenever possible.

And last but certainly not least, there are several treatments that you won’t find anywhere else in the area including Chocolate Sun herbal spray tan, Aqua detox (ion feet and body therapy), Pedikarma, and sanitary hot soy wax hand and feet treatment. So if you are looking for a truly holistic, blissful, and organic experience, check out this little gem just outside the beltway.

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